Land Values

The environmental problems facing Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware are startling.

The dramatic loss of natural areas and agricultural lands in recent decades has changed the landscape and contributed to both drought and flooding in the Brandywine River. Our rich biological heritage is imperiled. How we address the threats in our region depends on how we value land and water.

Perceptions of the value of land differ from person to person.

Some value its scenic beauty and diversity of flora and fauna. Others value land's ability to sustain life through regulating water and nutrients. Still others value land for development or food production.

Since 1967, the Brandywine Conservancy has worked to understand the competing values placed on land. We have learned that successful conservation of important land and other resources depends on developing solutions tailored to each situation and set of values.

Strategic, balanced and integrated solutions
Landowners, farmers, public officials and developers are all faced with difficult economic choices - complicated by a maze of legal issues - that have significant and lasting consequences for individual lives and natural landscapes.

We work diligently to balance the objectives of all parties in our efforts to integrate conservation with development. In order for a comprehensive solution to be successful, all stakeholders must be carefully considered.

The Conservancy's experts work in teams to develop fresh, creative, sophisticated solutions for complex land use and land management challenges.

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