Assisting Public Officials
The Municipal Assistance Program

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Involvement with local officials is essential to integrating conservation with development.
The Conservancy has long recognized that constructive involvement with public sector leaders is essential to complement our land stewardship efforts. Our Municipal Assistance Program has developed effective programs for municipalities, counties, and state and federal agencies. These programs often encompass more than one municipality, watershed or ecosystem as we assist in creating and strengthening policies and regulations that support conservation.

We provide effective technical assistance.
From the development of comprehensive plans to the implementation of solutions, Municipal Assistance Program staff members apply their extensive knowledge and solid experience in natural resource inventories, open space conservation, growth management and land use planning techniques. Our innovative approaches also include transferring development rights and establishing urban growth boundaries. An increasing number of local governments use our Municipal Assistance Program to work directly with their municipal plan review process. Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) office uses innovative mapping technologies for resource management and smart growth planning.

Our solutions are based on sound science and law.
We provide innovative recommendations that incorporate water quality management as well as habitat conservation and other municipal conservation efforts. We promote state-of-the-art stormwater systems that protect soil and natural vegetation and cutting-edge land-based wastewater treatment. After solutions are developed and approved, they are often translated into plans and ordinances.

Continual innovation makes us unique.
Conservancy staff members specialize in flexible and creative approaches incorporating both positive and negative incentives to achieve optimal land use. The Conservancy offers innovative solutions for resource management including riparian buffer protection, wetland management, woodland conservation and community trails planning. Our experts work hard to keep abreast-and ahead-of trends and techniques from around the region and the nation so that no opportunity for improvement is missed.

Our publications offer conservation solutions to a broad audience.
To serve the needs of townships who are subscribers to our Municipal Assistance Program, we have compiled an acclaimed two-volume Environmental Management Handbook. Together with our Community Trails Handbook, Conservation Design for Stormwater Management, Environmental Currents and other Conservancy publications, we provide up-to-date information and guidance to nearly 100 government agencies from the local to the federal level.

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