Preserving Land
The Land Stewardship Program

Protecting and conserving land can be a landowner's greatest legacy.

Open Space Farmland Preservation Pennsylvania Easements
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The Land Stewardship Program of the Environmental Management Center helps landowners create and implement conservation plans that reflect the values they place on their land. These carefully constructed and multi-faceted plans are designed to protect natural, scenic and historic resources while achieving a landowner's objectives-including fulfilling both tax and conservation concerns. The Conservancy also owns and manages more than 2,000 acres of protected land.

The conservation easement is a major tool.
Conservation easements are legal agreements that establish perpetual restrictions on the use and development of the land while keeping it in private ownership. Whether it is incorporated into a broader land use plan or stands alone, the conservation easement is a powerful tool to preserve natural resources, family lands, farmland and other environmental assets. Easements entrust the Conservancy with the responsibility of monitoring and enforcing the restrictions. The Conservancy is a trusted steward with the skills, resources and commitment to safeguard a landowner's intentions.

Easements go far beyond legal concerns.
Conservation easements are much more than a legal way to protect the land. In exchange for voluntarily surrendering certain rights to develop or alter property, landowners may receive favorable income, gift or estate tax benefits. The long-term responsibility for oversight and protection is shared with a respected institution whose proven commitment to conservation is consistent with the ideals of the landowner.

Preserving Agricultural Lands.
The Conservancy, in association with the Chester County Agricultural Land Preservation Board, has assisted in the preservation of more than 16,000 acres of farmland, ensuring the viability of agricultural lands for future generations.

Limited development is an option.
When appropriate, the Environmental Management Center can draft conservation easements to permit low-impact, limited development in suitable portions of a property. Based on careful evaluation, creative and attractive site designs can protect environmental values while addressing the landowner's financial objectives.

Additional services protect your legacy.
Other services available through the Land Stewardship Program include: creating woodland and meadow management programs; planning for stream and pond improvement; and planning for control of soil erosion. Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) office uses innovative mapping technologies to create maps that give staff the ability to develop a customized conservation easement plan for landowners.

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